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Ajovy - Overview

Ajovy is a type of medication used in a preventative way in some adult patients suffering from migraines. People who are interested or require Ajovy injections can connect with a medical provider using Push Health who can prescribe Ajovy medication when appropriate to do so.

How Does Ajovy Work?

Ajovy prescription medication, containing the active ingredient fremanezumab, belongs to a class of medications known as monoclonal antibody medications and specifically calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) ligands. Similar to erenumab (Aimovig), galcanezumab (Emgality), rimegepant (Nurtec), topiramate (Topamax) and ubrogepant (Ubrelvy), Ajovy is indicated to be used as a preventative treatment for migraines in adults. The active ingredient in Ajovy is made of 1324 amino acids and is produced by recombinant DNA technology. When metabolized, Ajovy injection medication is broken down into amino acids and small peptides. Research on Ajovy injections was focused on how the medication changed the monthly average number of migraine days over the course of the trial. Ajovy medication, unlike rizatriptan (Maxalt) and, depending on the provider, prochlorperazine and metoclopramide (Reglan), is not meant for use in the acute treatment of migraine symptoms.

Ajovy - Coupon and Cost

Ajovy coupons can be found online or through the manufacturer and are worth looking for as Ajovy medication is not cheap. In the United States, pharmacies typically offer Ajovy for over $550 per Ajovy 225 mg / 1.5mL syringe. In some cases, one's insurance plan may help cover the cost of Ajovy for migraines (depending on the plan). Typical Ajovy dosing regimens involve administering Ajovy 225 mg every month or 675 mg every three months but the ultimate regimen and any instructions on switching regimens depends on the health needs of the patient and the judgement of the prescribing medical provider. When missed, Ajovy doses should generally be administered as soon as possible but one should check with one's provider for exact instructions. Ajovy is generally supplied as an Ajovy 225 mg/1.5 mL solution in a single-dose prefilled syringe meant for injection. Ajovy solution is clear and may be clear or have a slight yellow color. Ajovy is only meant for injection subcutaneously. Ajovy medication should be refrigerated when stored and, before use, should be allowed to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

Can I Buy Ajovy Online?

Ajovy OTC is not available because Ajovy requires a consultation and a prescription from a licensed medical provider before it can be dispensed by a pharmacy. Because of this requirement, one cannot just buy Ajovy online. People who are interested in getting an Ajovy injection prescription, however, can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider online who can prescribe Ajovy prescription medication when appropriate to do so.

Ajovy - Side Effects

Ajovy injections can cause side effects when used. Side effects resulting from Ajovy use include redness, pain, irritation and swelling at the site of the injection. Ajovy injections may require some training on how to inject the medication properly and it may not work for everyone. Ajovy and alcohol should not be used at the same time. People with a hypersensitivity to Ajovy, ingredients in the formulation or similar medications should not use Ajovy. Prior to using Ajovy prescription injections, it is recommended that one discuss concerns and side effects with a pharmacist and a medical provider.

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Last updated August 9, 2022. Given the evolving nature of medicine and science, this information might not be accurate and should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis / treatment recommendations. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have additional questions. Please call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.