Frequently Asked Questions


Push Health is a software platform created through a collaborative effort between medical professionals and entrepreneurs tired of the inefficiencies in our health system. Push Health was designed to help medical providers and patients connect more seamlessly for minor healthcare needs using modern technology. Our goal is to make it easier and more convenient for medical providers like doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants to practice on their own terms and for patients to access affordable healthcare from licensed medical providers. Since 2013, licensed medical providers around the United States have been using Push Health to serve their patient networks conveniently and affordably.
Through Push Health, patients can connect with independent, licensed doctors and medical providers through the Push Health software platform. Once registered, patients can use Push Health send secure messages and request medical services like prescription consultations and help with lab testing. The independent medical providers using Push Health can provide care to patients, message securely and send invoices in accordance with their professional judgement and scope of practice. Push Health can be accessed through any mobile device or computer with internet access. Approved prescriptions for medications are e-routed to the patient’s chosen pharmacy and lab orders are e-routed to Quest Diagnostics. Push Health does not ship medications at this time.
Yes. Push Health is built on modern software with a strong emphasis on protecting personal health data. All payment information processed through Push Health is done via Braintree, a leading web payment vendor, and credit card data is never stored in our system. Push Health has also completed the rigorous review processes necessary to get certified by LegitScript, the leading healthcare compliance organization trusted by major companies and governments worldwide.
Push Health works as a web-based application on any device with internet access and is optimized for mobile devices. We also offer iOS and Android apps. Please click the appropriate link to download our app:

Send us an email or start a chat and one of our customer service gurus will respond as soon as possible:

Medical Providers


The Push Health platform is free for licensed doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Registration on Push Health is free for patients.
Currently, medical providers can send secure messages to patients and colleagues, send invoices, add progress notes, e-prescribe medications and, in most US states, order lab tests at guaranteed prices. We continue to work on new features to make Push Health even better.
Push Health enables you to extend your practice virtually and provide minor services in any venue. Push Health turns your mobile phone into a practice toolkit that allows you to message with patients and colleagues, e-prescribe, order lab tests at guaranteed prices, send secure invoices, and charge whatever Professional Fee is right for you and your patients.
Push Health is currently open to any doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant with an active US medical license and a valid NPI number or DEA license. Full activation of all services tools within the account requires additional validation.
We do offer group practice functionality on Push Health. If you are interested, please email us at
Once you are validated, we offer an option to get highly discounted medical malpractice insurance for Push Health encounters through our Affiliate Program. If you would like to use your own medical malpractice insurance coverage, please check with your insurance carrier to see if encounters on Push Health are covered.


Our intuitive, proprietary e-prescribing functionality connects your Push Health practice to 50,000+ pharmacies and was designed with medical providers in mind. You must be validated by Push Health before you can use any prescribing features.
To e-prescribe, choose an existing patient or a new patient. Fill out the relevant information and prescription and submit it. Your patient will receive a notification and can accept the prescription after choosing a pharmacy and paying any Professional Fees.
Patients can request medication prescriptions and refills from you through Push Health. You will be notified of a new request and have the opportunity to review the clinical details. Then, you can decide to approve or deny the request. If you approve the request, the medication prescription you write will be routed to the pharmacy chosen by the patient and any Professional Fees will be credited to your account.


In your Push Health dashboard, click on Patient Care and then select a patient. You will be able to see all previous encounters from there.
Yes. Our secure patient messaging system helps you keep in touch with your patients, respond to questions, or check on their health without having to give out your email or personal phone number.
Choose a patient in the Patient Care section and click the button to send a message. Messages are stored within the patient's chart.
Yes. Click on the patient and you can add a Progress Note within the patient's chart.
Yes. Click on the Export Chart feature from the patient chart and it will download the record into a PDF file.

Lab Testing

Lab testing at guaranteed prices through Quest Diagnostics is available in the following areas:
  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
If you are licensed in one of the areas in which lab testing is available, simply follow the activation directions in your account.
As a provider using Push Health, you have access to a Push Health account with Quest Diagnostics. We handle the order processing and billing to make your life easier.
The cost is calculated in real-time and varies by region. After you choose various tests, you will see the total cost to the patient displayed prior to sending a lab order.
Once your account is activated for lab testing, you can order lab testing by clicking on Order Lab Tests from a patient's chart. The total cost for testing to the patient will be clearly displayed before you submit your lab order. You also have an option to Order for Myself if you want to do that.
You will be notified when you receive a lab test request. Review the details and tests requested and Approve or Deny the request based on your judgment. Your default Professional Fee will automatically be applied to the lab request.
When the patient views and pays for the lab tests, there will be an option to choose a lab location based on the patient's zip code. Generally speaking, patients can use any location identified as a Quest Diagnostics location found by CLICKING HERE.
We will notify you once your patient gets tested and lab results are available. To view results, you simply have to log in and follow the directions to view the results and comment on them (if you wish). Once you release them to your patient, they will be available for future reference in the patient's chart.

Practice Management

You can change your Professional Fee at any time in the Edit Profile section.
Professional fees are disbursed on a monthly cycle. For example, fees earned in April are disbursed during the first week of May. We use a third party service, Tipalti (, to better manage the process. Tipalti collects your W9 information and provides the option to choose/change your preferred payment method. Certain methods may incur additional fees (eg wire transfer).
You can edit your practice details in the Edit Profile section. From there, you can update the suffix on your name, your phone number, password and various other things.

Patient Invoicing

Patient invoicing allows you to send secure invoices to patients whether the services were performed through Push Health or not. Patients can pay for invoices using a credit card or PayPal.
Click on Patient Care, choose a patient, click Create Invoice, fill out the details and click Send Invoice. Your patient will receive a notification and secure payment instructions.

Colleague Features

Yes. Click on the Colleague Messages button on your dashboard, click Compose, choose an existing or new colleague and type and send your message. If you have existing messages, just click on the message thread to view and respond to the message.
You can invite colleagues to join by logging into your Push Health account, clicking on Colleagues and then Invite Colleagues. After that, simply follow the instructions to invite a new colleague.



As a patient on Push Health, you can request or receive help for minor medical services virtually and send secure messages to your doctor or medical provider. Push Health makes it easy for you to get the help that you need from a licensed medical provider, when appropriate, from your mobile device.
The fees vary on Push Health from $0 to a flat fee, depending on the service. Flat fees charged through Push Health cover any Professional Fees that your doctor or medical provider charges and a processing fee that helps us maintain and develop our software. Fees are typically less than insurance co-pays and costs are always clearly displayed.
No. Services are paid for using a valid credit card or PayPal.
Click the Send Message button on your dashboard, type your message and send it. Your medical provider will receive a notification that there is a pending message.
Click on the Past History button and you can view any past encounters.

Medication Request: Refunds only apply if your medical provider charged a professional fee. If you request a cancellation prior to your medical provider writing a prescription based upon your need, we offer a full refund of all fees related to the canceled service. Once you approve a prescription medication recommended by your medical provider, Push Health is not able to offer a refund.

Lab Testing: If you cancel your test order prior to getting tested, Push Health can provide a full refund of lab testing fees and Push Health fees. Professional fees, if any, related to canceled testing are not refundable.

Medication Prescriptions

The first step to getting care using Push Health is connecting with an affiliated medical provider. Once you are connected, you can request care through your Push Health account, fill out the requested information and pay any applicable fees. Your medical provider will be notified that there is a pending request. Your medical provider will follow up with you through Push Health if there are additional questions about your health history or medical needs. Please note that controlled medications cannot be prescribed through Push Health and Push Health does not currently ship medications to patients.
Most providers review requests in 24 hours or less but it ultimately depends on your medical provider.
If your medical provider makes a determination that you need a prescription, the type and amount of medication on that prescription will be determined by your medical provider. Push Health does not influence the decisions of the affiliated, independent medical providers using Push Health in any way. Please note that Push Health does not ship medications and is not a pharmacy. In the event that a medication prescription is written, it is up to the patient to coordinate fulfillment of the prescription directly with the selected pharmacy.
To have the prescription routed to your preferred pharmacy, log into your Push Health account, review the prescription, choose a pharmacy and pay any applicable fees. Once you complete this process, your prescription will be routed to your preferred pharmacy and you will receive a notification. Please note that Push Health cannot change or edit any incorrect information on the prescription.
Please confirm that you are at the pharmacy that you chose when you completed the prescription process. If the pharmacy still cannot find the medication, log into Push Health, press the Past History button, and press the Resend button in your health record to have the prescription re-routed to the pharmacy. You can do this one time for any prescription. If you continue to have issues, please contact us at
Not at this time. Fees paid through Push Health are service fees only. Depending on your insurance, the pharmacy may charge additional fees to cover the cost of the actual medications. Patients will have to check availability and pay any costs for medications directly with the selected pharmacy.
No. Push Health is not a pharmacy and does not sell or ship medications. Instead, Push Health is a telemedicine platform that routes prescriptions written by medical providers using Push Health to licensed pharmacies in the United States. In the event that a medication prescription is written, it is up to the patient to coordinate fulfillment of the prescription directly with the selected pharmacy.

Lab Testing

If your medical provider is offering lab testing through Push Health, you will see a Request Lab Tests button on your Push Health account dashboard.
If lab testing is available, click the Request Lab Tests button to get started. Simply select the tests that you want, enter the other relevant information and your payment information. If your medical provider approves the lab tests, you will be charged and a lab order will be generated and stored in your Push Health account.
Print out the lab order in your Push Health account and take it to the Quest lab location that you chose when you paid for your tests. The lab will collect your specimens with the lab order. You do not need to pay additional fees or provide insurance information.
Once your lab results are available, you will receive an email notification. Log into your Push Health account and you can review them and any comments on them from your medical provider.
To get connected to a provider who is accepting new practices on Push Health, please click here.