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Altabax - Overview

Altabax is a type of antibiotic medication sometimes prescribed to people who need treatment for impetigo - a skin infection. People who might need an Altabax prescription can connect with an online medical provider using Push Health who can prescribe Altabax medication, including Altabax ointment and Altabax cream, when appropriate to do so.

What Is Altabax Used For?

Altabax prescription medication contains retapamulin and is sometimes prescribed to people who need antibiotic medication for impetigo. Altabax medication belongs to a class of drugs known as pleuromutilin antibacterial agents. Typically, Altabax ointment is prescribed to be applied to affected areas twice per day for at least five days but ultimately depends on the condition being treated. Altabax cream is considered expensive, costing approximately $350 per 15 gram tube of Altabax 1% ointment. As such, many people check for insurance coverage when filling Altabax prescription medication at the pharmacy or check if Altabax coupons are available online or through other sources.

Can I Buy Altabax Online?

Altabax ointment requires a prescription in order for a pharmacy to dispense it in the United States. Because of this, Altabax OTC is not available for purchase and one cannot simply buy Altabax online. People who might need Altabax ointment need to first consult a licensed medical provider. People who might need Altabax prescription cream can use Push Health to consult a medical provider online who can prescribe Altabax medication, including Altabax cream and Altabax ointment, when appropriate to do so.

Altabax - Side Effects

Altabax prescription ointment can cause side effects when used, including redness and irritation at the application site. Prior to using Altabax cream, it is recommended that patients discuss concerns about side effects with a licensed medical provider. Altabax ointment and alcohol should generally not be used together. People with a hypersensitivity to Altabax ointment should find an alternative treatment to Altabax prescription medication for their condition.

More Altabax Information

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