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Levemir - Overview

Levemir is a type of long-acting medication sometimes prescribed to people with diabetes. People who might need a Levemir prescription, including Levemir FlexTouch (Levemir pen) or types of generic Levemir can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider who can prescribe the Levemir FlexTouch pen when appropriate to do so.

What Is Levemir Used For?

Levemir prescription medication contains the active ingredient insulin detemir [rDNA origin]. Levemir, like Basaglar, Toujeo and Tresiba, that is sometimes prescribed to patients to help with glycemic control. Levemir works by regulating glucose metabolism through action on special receptors in the body. Through this mechanism of action, Levemir injections improve the uptake of glucose by cells into fat tissue and skeletal muscle and also reduces the production of glucose from the liver. Levemir medication may also improve the synthesis of protein and impair the breakdown of fat for energy in the body.

Levemir - Coupon and Dosage

Levemir coupons are sometimes available online or through other sources. This may be important for people paying out of pocket for their Levemir FlexTouch pens as they are expensive, costing approximately $90 per Levemir pen when paying cash for the medication. Some insurance plans may help cover costs associated with Levemir prescription medication when buying Levemir injections at the pharmacy. Levemir medication is typically prescribed to be administered once or twice per day with a starting dose customized to the health needs of the patient and the judgement of the prescribing medical provider. Levemir prescription medication is meant to be administered subcutaneously into the abdomen, deltoid or thigh to minimize the risk of lipodystrophy. Levemir itself is typically available as Levemir 100 units / ml (U-100) and is administered via a Levemir FlexPen containing 10 mL per vial.

Can I Buy Levemir Online?

One cannot just buy Levemir online in the United States as Levemir is a prescription medication. Because of this, Levemir OTC (over the counter) is not available at pharmacies. The first step to getting a Levemir pen prescription is consulting a medical provider. People who might need Levemir medication can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider who can prescribe Levemir injections, including Levemir FlexTouch pens, when appropriate to do so.

Levemir - Side Effects

Levemir prescription medication can cause side effects and concerns about using the medication should be discussed with a qualified medical practitioner before use. Side effects that can result from Levemir use include nausea, low blood sugar, rash, itching, lipodystrophy and reactions at the injection site. People with liver or kidney problems should be monitored while using Levemir. Levemir and alcohol should not be used together. People with a hypersensitivity to Levemir medication or similar drugs should avoid taking Levemir prescription injections.

More Levemir Information

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