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Methocarbamol - Overview

Methocarbamol is sometimes prescribed in conjunction with rest and physical therapy to help people with acute, painful musculoskeletal conditions. People who might need a methocarbamol prescription, including methocarbamol 500 mg and methocarbamol 750 mg tablets, can use Push Health to connect with a local medical provider who can prescribe methocarbamol medication when appropriate to do so.

What Is Methocarbamol Used For?

Methocarbamol prescription medication, marketed under the brand name Robaxin, is a medication sometimes prescribed to people suffering from acute musculoskeletal conditions causing pain. It is not entirely clear how methocarbamol exerts its effects in the body. Methocarbamol is not thought to impact contraction of striated muscle or the motor end plate. One theory is that methocarbamol may help with inflammatory symptoms through depression of the central nervous system in general in a manner somewhat similar to cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) and metaxalone (Skelaxin). Methocarbamol medication should be used as an adjunct to rest, physical therapy and other conservative measures.

Methocarbamol - Dosage and Cost

Methocarbamol medication is sometimes prescribed as methocarbamol 500 mg one or more times per day. Ultimately, the methocarbamol regimen prescribed depends on the judgement of the prescribing medical provider and the health issues of the patients. Following administration, some of the methocarbamol drug undergoes metabolization, leading to an observed plasma elimination half-life of under two hours in healthy individuals. Methocarbamol is largely excreted from the body via the kidneys. Methocarbamol is inexpensive, costing approximately 25 cents per methocarbamol 750 mg tablet at many pharmacies in the United States. Methocarbamol coupons may be available online or through other sources. People paying for their methocarbamol medication may be able to use their insurance to pay for the methocarbamol tablets as well. Methocarbamol is often available as methocarbamol 500 mg tablets and methocarbamol 750 mg tablets. Methocarbamol tablets are typically film-coated and round in shape.

Can I Buy Methocarbamol Online?

One cannot just buy methocarbamol online as methocarbamol is a prescription medication in the United States. For this reason, methocarbamol OTC is not available, either. The first step to getting methocarbamol medication is consulting a licensed medical provider. People who might need a methocarbamol prescription, including methocarbamol 750 mg and methocarbamol 500 mg tablets, can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider to get a methocarbamol medication prescription when appropriate to do so.

Methocarbamol - Side Effects

Methocarbamol medication can cause side effects when used. Side effects that may occur while using methocarbamol tablets include nausea, vomiting, fever, headache, drowsiness, and vertigo. Methocarbamol should not be used with alcohol. Care should be taken when methocarbamol is used with other medications. People using methocarbamol tablets should not operate heavy machinery. Before using methocarbamol tablets, it is important to discuss concerns and possible side effects with a qualified medical practitioner.

More Methocarbamol Information

Last updated October 12, 2021. Given the evolving nature of medicine and science, this information might not be accurate and should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis / treatment recommendations. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have additional questions. Please call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.