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Nateglinide - Overview

Nateglinide is a medication sometimes prescribed to help people with diabetes to improve glycemic control. People who might need a nateglinide prescription can use Push Health to connect with an online medical provider who can prescribe nateglinide medication, including generic nateglinide 60 mg and nateglinide 120 mg tablets, when appropriate to do so.

Nateglinide - Dosage and Cost

Nateglinide prescription medication is marketed under the brand name Starlix and is sometimes prescribed to people with diabetes who need glycemic control in addition to diet and exercise changes. Nateglinide medication belongs to a class of drugs known as meglitinides - similar to repaglinide (Prandin). Nateglinide is rapidly absorbed and eliminated. The nateglinide dosage and regimen used varies, depending on the specific needs of the patient, but sometimes nateglinide 60 mg or nateglinide 120 mg three times daily before meals. and the judgment of the prescribing medical provider. Costs associated with nateglinide medication vary from person to person and people paying out of pocket may be able to find nateglinide coupons online or through other sources. Additionally, some insurance plans may help cover costs associated with a nateglinide prescription. It is recommended to consult the package insert that comes with nateglinide medication to learn about what storage conditions are recommended for the medication.

Can I Buy Nateglinide Online?

One cannot just buy nateglinide online or get nateglinide OTC in the United States from a pharmacy as it is a medication that requires a prescription before it can be dispensed. Because of this restriction, the first step to getting a nateglinide prescription is consulting a licensed medical provider. People who might need a nateglinide medication prescription, however, can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider who can prescribe nateglinide tablets, including nateglinide 60 mg and nateglinide 120 mg medication, when appropriate to do so.

Nateglinide - Side Effects

Like most medications, nateglinide prescription tablets can cause side effects when used, including back pain, respiratory infections, diarrhea and dizziness. Nateglinide tablet use can result in low blood sugar. Prior to using nateglinide prescription medication, it is important to discuss possible side effects and other concerns with a qualified medical provider. Alcohol should not be used with nateglinide medication. People with a known hypersensitivity to nateglinide tablets or ingredients in the formulation should not use nateglinide prescription medication.

More Nateglinide Information

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