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Rifaximin (Xifaxan) - Overview

Rifaximin, marketed under the name Xifaxan, is an antibacterial medication used in the treatment of travelers' diarrhea when a possible infection is proven or strongly suspected to have been caused by bacteria. People who might need a rifaximin prescription can connect with a medical provider through Push Health who can prescribe Xifaxan when appropriate to do so.

Rifaximin - Uses and Mechanism of Action

Xifaxan (rifaximin) is a type of antibacterial medication with the primary use being the treatment of noninvasive strains of Escherichia coli causing travelers' diarrhea in adult patients. Rifaximin is a semi-synthetic, non-aminoglycoside compound similar to rifampin. The rifaximin in Xifaxan is thought to work by inhibiting bacterial RNA synthesis by binding to bacterial DNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Escherichia coli has demonstrated resistance to rifaximin in vitro and the potential for cross-resistance has not been thoroughly analyzed. Xifaxan tablets are poorly absorbed after oral administration and plasma levels of rifaximin are variable and often undetectable. Rifaximin is almost exclusively excreted in the feces.

Xifaxan - Cost and Dosage

Xifaxan (rifaximin) is expensive, costing over $20 per Xifaxan 200 mg tablet at most pharmacies. Fortunately, some insurance plans will cover the cost of a rifaximin prescription and Xifaxan coupons are sometimes available online to reduce the cost even further. Xifaxan 200 mg tablets are pink in color and round. For travelers' diarrhea, some prescribers will choose a regimen involving Xifaxan 200 mg tablets taken 3 times a day for 3 days orally, with or without food. Xifaxan tablets should generally be stored at 20° C to 25° C.

Can I Buy Rifaximin Online?

Rifaximin (Xifaxan) requires a prescription before a pharmacy can dispense it in the United States. As a result, one cannot buy Xifaxan online or get rifaximin over the counter at a pharmacy. The first step is getting a rifaximin prescription from a licensed medical provider. Push Health can connect people who need a Xifaxan prescription with a medical provider who can prescribe rifaximin when appropriate to do so.

Rifaximin (Xifaxan) - Side Effects

Rifaximin can cause side effects. Side effects resulting from Xifaxan use include headache, stomach and rectal pain, gas, and nausea. Rifaximin is not effective in treating diarrhea with fever or blood in the stool or for treating organisms other than Escherichia coli. People with allergies or a known hypersensitivity to rifaximin (Xifaxan) should not use the medication. Xifaxan and alcohol should not be used concomitantly. Xifaxan use has been associated with Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea. Questions about possible side effects related to rifaximin use should be directed to one's pharmacist and medical provider before using the medication.

More Rifaximin (Xifaxan) Information

Last updated August 3, 2020. Given the evolving nature of medicine and science, this information might not be accurate and should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis / treatment recommendations. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have additional questions.