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Spinosad - Overview

Spinosad, marketed under the name Natroba, is a medication used in treating head lice. People who need a spinosad topical suspension prescription for humans can use Push Health to connect with a medical provider who can prescribe Natroba when appropriate to do so.

What Is Spinosad Used For?

Spinosad belongs to a class of medications known as pediculicides and is made by the bacterium, Saccharopolyspora spinosa, in the soil. While spinosad itself is used in treating a variety of pests, Natroba topical suspension is specifically used in treating head lice infestations. Spinosad is thought to work because it excites the neurons in the parasites. In doing so, spinosad causes the neurons to be excessively excited, eventually resulting in death after paralysis. One of the benefits of spinosad when compared to other lice treatments is its relative safety and the ease with which it can be applied when treating an infestation.

Spinosad - Dosage and Cost

Natroba is a 0.9% solution that is viscous and light orange in color. Each gram of Natroba topical suspension contains 9 mg of spinosad. When paying out of pocket, spinosad can be quite expensive, costing up to $150 for one bottle of spinosad topical suspension. Spinosad coupons may be available online and the costs associated with a Natroba topical suspension may be covered by insurance. Prior to applying spinosad, one should shake the bottle well. The spinosad solution should then be applied topically to the hair and scalp and rinsed off after 10 minutes. A fine-toothed comb can then be used to remove the treated nits and lice from the hair. This topical application procedure can be repeated in one week if live lice are still seen after the first application. Spinosad suspension and should not be used in the mouth or eyes. The pharmacodynamics of Natroba suspension are not well understood as they have not been extensively studied. Natroba suspension should generally be stored at 25° C.

Can I Buy Spinosad Online?

Spinosad is a prescription medication in the US. One cannot buy spinosad online or get Natroba OTC as the necessary first step is consulting a medical provider about using spinosad. People who need a spinosad topical suspension prescription, however, can use Push Health to consult with a medical provider who can prescribe Natroba when appropriate to do so.

Spinosad - Side Effects

Spinosad (Natroba), like other medications, can cause side effects. Side effects resulting from spinosad use include redness or irritation at the site of application and also in the eyes, dry skin, and hair loss. Spinosad does contain benzyl alcohol which can cause adverse effects, especially in children. People who have had a past hypersensitivity or allergy to spinosad should not use the medication. Spinosad and alcohol should generally not be used at the same time. Prior to using Spinosad, it is important to discuss possible side effects with one's medical provider and pharmacist.

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Last updated September 26, 2019. Given the evolving nature of medicine and science, this information might not be accurate and should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis / treatment recommendations. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have additional questions.