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Nurse Practitioner - An Overview

A nurse practitioner is a nurse with additional post-graduate education in nursing. Through Push Health, nurse practitioners with valid medical licenses can set up and run their own virtual medical practice from a mobile device or computer, order lab tests, write prescriptions, message securely and charge what they want.

What Is A Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a health care provider with formal training in advanced areas of medicine. A nurse practitioner is sometimes also referred to as an advanced practice registered nurse, or APRN for short. Nurse practitioners can provide a wide range of healthcare services, including patient assessment, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medications, ordering and interpreting lab tests, and educating patients. Nurse practitioners have a masters level education (in some cases, a doctorate).

Licensed nurse practitioners can run their own virtual practice using the Push Health software platform. Click below to get started:

Nurse Practitioner Job Market

The nurse practitioner job market is healthy in the United States for several reasons. Demographic trends are resulting in an increased need for healthcare workers who can serve elderly patients, expanding the number of NP jobs. Demographic trends are also diminishing the supply of doctors (e.g. Baby Boomers) who are retiring or selling their practices, resulting in more nurse practitioner jobs available to serve patients looking for a new provider.

Nurse practitioner jobs do not always have to be through a major institution. Increasing, nurse practitioner jobs consist of side gigs in which entrepreneurial NPs serve existing and new patients through a cash practice and get paid for services they can perform with their scope of practice. One such nurse practitioner job is through Push Health in which NPs can handle requests from existing patients and serve new patients who need minor health care services. The first step to running this type of nurse practitioner job is to set up a free Push Health account:

Nurse Practitioner Salary

Like many other professions, a nurse practitioner's salary depends on a number of variables. Variables that influence an NP's salary include location of practice, experience, level of education, and the specialty of practice. One AANP salary survey in 2015 found that many full-time nurse practitioners make roughly $100,000 with the top 10% earning much more than that.

Nurse Practitioner - History

Nurses first became more important in advanced practice in the fields of anesthesia and psychiatry. The family nurse practitioner role became more prominent in the 1960s in the United States with the establishment of the first graduate program for nurse practitioners. This development was partially driven by a need due to a shortage of doctors. The role, scope and requirements to become a nurse practitioner (NP) expanded in the decades that followed. In the United States, the scope of practice of nurse practitioners is regulated by states which determine whether a nurse practitioner has an independent scope of practice or must work in a supervisory relationship with a physician.

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