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Hyzaar - Overview

Hyzaar is a medication sometimes used for the treatment of hypertension. People who might need a Hyzaar medication prescription, including Hyzaar generic and Hyzaar 100-25, can use Push Health to connect with a local medical provider who can prescribe Hyzaar tablets, including generic Hyzaar 50-12.5 and Hyzaar 100-25 medication, when appropriate to do so.

What Is Hyzaar Used For?

Hyzaar prescription medication is a combination of two medications - hydrochlorothiazide (Microzide) and losartan (Cozaar), resulting in the combination of an angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) with a thiazide diuretic. Through this combination, Hyzaar blocks the vasoconstricting actions of angiotensin II and reduces aldosterone secretion while increasing the excretion of sodium and chloride to increase fluid excretion. These actions result in a lowering of blood pressure in many people which is why Hyzaar medication is sometimes prescribed to people who have high blood pressure.

Hyzaar - Dosage and Price

Hyzaar is available as Hyzaar 50-12.5 tablets, Hyzaar 100-12.5 tablets and Hyzaar 100-25 tablets. Some patients are started at Hyzaar 50-12.5 once daily but the exact regimen prescribed depends on the health needs of the patient and the judgement of the prescribing medical provider. Following administration, both active drugs in Hyzaar exhibit a half-life of under 16 hours with excretion occurring through both the urine and the feces. Hyzaar tablets are affordable, costing approximately 40 cents per Hyzaar 100 mg / 25 mg tablet at many pharmacies in the United States. Hyzaar coupons can sometimes be found online or through different sources. Some insurance plans may also cover costs associated with a Hyzaar medication.

Can I Buy Hyzaar Online?

Hyzaar OTC is not available as Hyzaar is a prescription medication in the United States. Because of this, one cannot just buy Hyzaar online as the first step is consulting a licensed medical provider. People who might need Hyzaar medication, however, can use Push Health to connect with a local medical provider who can prescribe Hyzaar medication, including generic Hyzaar 100-25 and Hyzaar 50-12.5 tablets, when appropriate to do so.

Hyzaar - Side Effects

Hyzaar medication is considered relatively safe but can cause side effects and concerns should be discussed with a qualified medical provider before use. Side effects that may result from Hyzaar medication use include cough, rash, abdominal pain, low blood pressure and dizziness. Hyzaar use has been infrequently associated with electrolyte imbalances and liver enzyme abnormalities. Hyzaar and alcohol should not be used together. People with a hypersensitivity to Hyzaar or ingredients in the formulation should not use the Hyzaar prescription tablets.

More Hyzaar Information

Last updated July 5, 2021. Given the evolving nature of medicine and science, this information might not be accurate and should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis / treatment recommendations. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have additional questions. Please call 911 immediately or go to the nearest emergency room if you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency.